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Originally Posted by FishAddict View Post
This is the second time this has happened, locked up at the launch. The Bendix hangs/locks up in the Flywheel. Is this caused by a bad Bexdix gear? It has boogered up a couple of teeth on the flywheel. I got it freed up once I got home and seems to be OK now. Thanks for advice on this.
This is how the starter system work ...When you turn the key the starter solenoid applies power to the starter motor. When it spins it sends the Bendix Gear up and engages the flywheel. As soon as the Motor starts the starter motor stops and the Bendix gear falls down out of the way of the flywheel. It sounds like the Bendix is not getting engaged completely.

One of three items is your problem... The cheapest items is the solenoid, (and Bendix) The sol. could be failing and interrupts the power to the starter motor from running... or it could be the starter itself. The Bendix could be worn and not traveling properly .. (short explanation)

Intermittent problem are hard to trouble shoot and nail down. Start eliminating components one at a time since the problem is intermittent. <'TK><

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