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Originally Posted by SalmonDaze View Post
Nice Rig!

And . . . it is comforting to see another fellow fisherman who values his lawn to the same extent I do.
I realize this isn't fishing direct but if your not cutting or wasting time on your yard then you have time to fish... right ?

If you want a nice lawn that doesn't require a lot of maint and that will choke out weeds.... Zoisa grasses My grass is like a plush carpeting and I can get away from mowing maybe 2 weeks if I push it. Its a very slow growing, very evasive grass that goes dormant after the first - second frost. then it goes yellow until April. Even during the drought is stays dull green but as soon as it get a little water, it goes right back to a brilliant grean. and it grows anywhere.

I did seed and it took a long time.. I mean a couple nieghbors laughed at my project for a couple yrs, yea it look like i was growing gravel. But by yr 4 they were giving compliments on how nice my front lawn turned out. I guess what I'm saying is use plugs... the larger the pug (2-4") the quicker it will spread and take over. Natural seed spread to my side yard and I plugged around my back porch and it is obvious where the Zoisa is vs the native crap grass/weeds.
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