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Smile Re think .. <'TK><

FA, first off it is hard to troubleshoot anything over the phone or cyber space... I was thinking of your problem today and think I know your primary cause.

When the starter spins, it does it at a velocity that it actually spins the Bendix gear into the flywheel. When the starter starts going bad and they loose their punch this will retard the engagement into the the flywheel and not letting the the gear mesh correctly so the edge of the gear starts to be worn as well as the flywheel teeth. (And at times Hangs and will not fall)

Just go ahead and bite the bullet and purchase a new starter (they come with a new Bendix)... Replace with a ARCO starter, Made in Florida, not China.. If interested I may be able to save you a few $$ on it .... <'TK><
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