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Originally Posted by notorious View Post
Had to look the manufacture up....super nice. Welcome to the aluminum bass boat community. You will be very happy with the transition. Give us a report on ride, speed,control and such. Nice shot bro...congrats.

This boat rides like a fiberglass boat. It doesnít have that hollow tin can sound, itís solid. With the 115 it runs 50 on the nose with me, my tackle and rods, full tank of fuel. So far, with what little seat time Iíve had, Iím happy with the ride, handling and overall quality of the boat. I havenít felt out of control in it and it wonít let me do anything stupid with the trim. It stops you so far up. Idk whatís up with that, probably a safety feature. I do have one complaint, I canít run at 3500-4000rpms on plane without it porpoising. Iíd like to talk to a Merc rep about a whale tale or what I can do about that. I may also have tried to trim it too much for that speed. Idk. What I do know is I need more seat time with the boat to figure out what it likes and what it is capable of.

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