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Old 10-27-2018, 06:57 AM
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Default Hybrids, whites, yellows

Finally got into some fish yesterday afternoon.
Loc Ngyuen called and asked if I wanted to join him for the afternoon and I gladly accepted. It's not often I get to be the co-angler and immensely enjoy it when I do, no worrying about getting clients on fish, boat control, tackle management, etc.
Just sit back, relax, AND FISH!
We hit a number of spots that had produced lots of good sized fish the day before, but, true to form, the hybrids weren't there. They did what hybrids do best.....move.
And we searched all of the likely spots, Goose Island, Elm Hill island, Cooks point, 7 Points, Bear Island, Pig Island, YMCA camp, NADA!
So we decided on some yellow bass just to get a tug on the line and I directed Loc to one of my favorite yellow bass spots. We found fish, but it wasn't the yellow bass I expected tho. My first cast was slammed, nearly jerking the rod out of my hand as I was expecting a small yellow bass to grab my spoon. Instead, a fat 3 lb hybrid beat the yellows to it.
We stayed on that spot for about an hour, catching some really nice white bass (15-16 inches), hybrids 2-3 lbs, and even some yellow bass.
When they quit biting and disappeared we trolled around and found them about 100 yds away and started catching them again.
They eventually moved away and we decided to go searching for other groups of fish, and basically spent the last 50 minutes of daylight searching.
We didn't find any more fish but still considered the afternoon a success. No monster fish, but a lot of fun with an experienced angler, plus an all around good guy.
Loc is a former customer who booked me on a few occasions and didn't have exceptional trips. I had him and his sister out later (free trip) to make up for bad trips and we hammered the hybrids in the winter of 2016.
He got the hybrid bug and now has his own boat, tons of quality gear, top of the line graphs, and the burning desire to catch fish. He's highly adept at figuring out fish patterns and habits. Turned into one quality fisherman and Im learning tips and tactics from him plus getting constant reports about fishing on the lake.
And like SAMBOLIE said, Merv and friend in the same sentence....who'da thunk it?
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