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Iíve only fished it twice and had a couple things happen both times that didnít seem on the up and up. First time ai fished I had a meanmouth and there was controversy over how long it had to be to weigh in. Seems to me like there should be one length. If itís a meanmouth then it should have to be a certain length no matter what it looks like. Then I fished last week. The first time I fished the guy told me you have to be in line at 1am or you were late. Well last week I was lije the 3rd boat back to weigh in. I was back around 1245. I walked up on the dock and no one that runs the tournament was back yet. As I was walking back to my boat I spoke to the guy that runs the tournament while he was tying up his boat. It was roughly 1250. I went back to my boat and waited on people to start bringing up bags of fish. I was like 4th or 5th in line. When you sign up you draw for boat #ís and you turn in your chip at weigh in. The tournament director was weighing fish and another guy was writing down the weights. As my fish were being weighed I gave the other guy my chip. The other guy said that since my chip wasnít turned in by 1am then I was late. I had no idea about this rule. But I had spoken to the tournament director at the dock before 1am so he knew I wasnít late. But he never said a word while the other guy was talking to me. So I weigh my fish and the call out 12.59lbs. I was already pissed so I just walked back to my boat. The problem is that I know for a fact that we had over 12.59lbs. I donít know if they gave me a late penalty but we had close to 14lbs. We had 1) 3.25-3.50 2) 3-3.25 3) keeper smallmouth that was fat. Had to be right at 3lbs 4) 2.5lbs 5) 2.08lbs(weighed it to cull). Of someone on here knows these guys then I want them to ask the tournament director what exactly happened
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