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Originally Posted by hunterchub View Post
I used to love fishing native brookies in the Adirondacks. Not very often did I see many over 13" and the average was closer to 10". I have not fished for trout in TN. Almost 15 years now. Are any trout in the Caney native born or are they all stocked fish. I know the Caney as I like to fish for Walleye. I never targeted trout. The only thing my fly rod sees is brim fishing.

No native trout in the Caney. There might possibly be a few brook trout that make it through a spawn but that is not likely. The brown trout will go through the motions but the spawn does not work on the Caney. You can go to Happy Hollow in the fall and watch them go through the motion. They will come out of the water straight up like a missile and shake the roe out but it is all for nought...the river conditions are not right for the spawn to work. Make no mistake though...the Caney is full of big trout.


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