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Default A few brook trout.

Had a great day on the Caney Fork River Friday. At the end of 6 hours of fishing my buddy Larry and I caught well over 200 brook trout....many at the 13 inch mark. Evidence of a shad kill is going on. Water temps were 44 degrees......which is cold for the Caney. Water output was 8,140 CFS. My rod today was the Tict Ice Cube Rockin’ Drift 6’ 9” Mebaru UL. Reel was a Daiwa Certate 2004CH spooled with SOS 2# test line.....had a 2 foot section of 2# test Phantom fluorocarbon leader. I used the 4mm tungsten Boogie Ball jig head which has a # 10 hook. We used a Bison.....Purple Redemption.......and Millie colored Trout Magnet today. The Millie caught most of the fish. Method of catching was “Twitching”. Many were hitting it on the fall. The Brookies have been eating well....and yes they were “Diggin”! It was another beautiful day. Life is good!


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