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Originally Posted by aero320 View Post
TK, how did the setup work with the kicker. I have been thinking about adding one because I troll so much. I have a 22 foot Triton CC that is similar but have not figured out how to mount the engine out of the way.
Aero, I used the kicker in large creeks with bay areas on the Cumberland river chain ... I ran 3 boards off each side and a free line off the middle ... It is useless in a river environment ... But for a lake environment it would be perfect for you ... I will tell you about my set up take what info you need ...

A 9.9 .. 4 stroke Merc. ( FYI, Tohatsu/Nissan makes all 4 strokes up to 40 HP for Merc, 4 stroke 50 HP and above are all Yamahas) This model was a remote long 20 inch shaft, no tiller, elect start. Mounted on a Outboard Mtr Bracket that lowers/raises ... The remote controls were mounted on the right side gunnel even with the center consol. Steering was performed via a quick coupling link between the main motor and the kicker (EZ steer won't work) ... I did all the installations and modifications ...

It was sweet ... Now something to consider ... My guide boat was a Bay Boat ... 25 inch transom, big block 3 liter Blue water merc 25 inch shaft.. It stands 6 feet tall) 60 Gallons of fuel, two live wells total 50 gallons of H2O ... 5 batteries ... Plus tackle and accessories plus people ...

When I added the 124 pound kicker plus the 35 pound motor mount and where it was located. It created an unusual over center power shift from center line of the drive shaft of the main motor. See last Pic...

In another words ... Before I had no problem with hole shots and putting her on plane and trimming to 47 MPH ... All that changed because I had 150 Plus pounds behind the main drive line of the big motor ... Answer was to add trim tabs ... That solved the problem ... Trim down motor and tab come to 4000 RPM ...She popped to the top raised the tabs and trimmed motor at the same time ...Business as usual ...

Now this application may not even enter the pic with your situation, boat, total weight etc ... But I had over 1000 pounds not counting people at the rear of my boat... Motors, live well and 2 batteries ... Hope this helps ... any questions give me a call .... <'TK><

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