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Originally Posted by tkwalker View Post
Alan, with the age of your Big Block Rue... I would Stay with with conventional outboard oil with TCW-3 ... SMOKE IS GOOD! in any two stroke ... When you see Smoke you, what you are seeing a full lube cycle of the internal parts of the bearings and bushings. Remember the fuel/oil goes through the crankcase to lubricate before it is burned in the cylinders. Now I have not had a lot of experience with 100% synthetic two stroke oil and I am sure it is good stuff. But engineered 2 stroke oil with a synthetic TCW-3 additive would be my choice in your 20 year old motor.
Now the 2 stroke cloud appears at start up and idling ... Now if the cloud bothers you I don't know that a 100% synthetic will correct what a 2 stroke does. SMOKE... WHICH IS GOOOOOD! .... Hope this helps ... <'TK><
TK thanks for your input. I was thinking along the same line of thought as you. It's almost embarrassing sitting on the lake smoking like a freight If I make a good run for several miles it really helps with the smoking.
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