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Smile Running the Caney .. <'TK><

Originally Posted by thehick176 View Post
Have any of you guys kayaked/fished the full length of the Caney? Me and a few friends are looking into doing this this summer. I'm going to look into a few good spots to camp about halfway. I have family friends that live up there and will check and see if they know any landowners through there.
I have ran the river three times. Most of the land that borders the river is pasture land for large farms, and some of the land owners do not physically live there. .. I have never ran into any problems with land owners ... Just pick up after yourself and pick a spot above max generation water levels.. (Note: the TVA, schedule does not always run true). The landowners are aware of the usual boat floats and camping especially since the explosion of Yaks and outfitters. If you see a posted sign I would pass that stretch by. <'TK><
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