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Originally Posted by agelesssone View Post
Thanks TK! Reading your story of your outing made my day! And it's nice to know I had a hand in making it happen.

I hope that bass now swims happily in your lake.

And that is one fine lookin boat. Love the way you've got it set up with all the rod holders. NICE!
Merv, to be honest I originally set the boat up for Walleyes ... But I have not mastered the eyes as well as you have mastered the Crappies ... Oh, Did I tell you We had fresh Crappie for supper with Hush puppies and garden fresh Green beans with Potatoes and Tomatoes ... Ummmm! ..

Now the Big Girl Bass ... Even though My live well is set up for Pike, walleye and Musky... We noticed some fatality rate among the Crappie ... Now this is with auto recirculation and aeration ... So Big Girl may not live to make the trip home ... (I did not bring my 40 gal travel tank) .....

Decided that the bass may eat up about $100 worth of my new stocking .... So we decided to stock more crappie into the pond to elevate the monthly spawn of Gill's as per Walt the Pond Manager ... ... ... Need smaller bass .. I think Crappie will do as well ... What do you think Walt ??

Merv, your info Made our day !! One of the most successful fish catching days we have had long as we are catching something .... LOL !! <'TK>< ... Take Care my friend !!!
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