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Default milfoil

Originally Posted by Halli View Post
It was heavy in mid 90's on OHL you could hardly fish from shore.

I would be more than happy to let a small amount continue on the lake
as it has to be better for Bass!
Yep, it was heavy all over the lake along the banks and on the shallow flats on the main channel but it will never be that way again. The lake has become a Money Persons Paradise now. They will keep killing it to keep the rich folks happy. Back years ago I use to fish the Milfoil mats on the point of Ski Cove in Station Camp Creek. Now Congresswoman Diane Black owns that house located on that point and there will never be weeds on that point again and the entire lake is now having houses like hers built all along the shorelines of all the big creeks. The lake will never be the Bass lake it was back then because the bass fry that hatch in spring have no shelter in which to hide anymore....JMHO
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