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Originally Posted by Buccaneer View Post
Yes, when I moved here in 1998 I homed in on all that matted millfoil as it reminded me of the pepper grass beds I grew up fishing in Florida. I instinctively knew how to fish that grass from the steam plant down to a Cedar Creek. Also Drakes Creek had several good patches to fish. I miss it. I can recall when the cove at Cages Bend campground was loaded with it and frog fishing was outstanding. Then one year I saw a boat spraying around all the docks and from that point until now, no more millfoil in that area. As for the grass on the sides of the main channel, it is my belief the flood and subsequent high water flows have scoured it from the area. We may never see it again. Fishing has suffered tremendously due to this lack of essential bass cover.
Be careful for what you wish for... In the mid 90's the Milfoil almost took over Cordell Hull to a point you couldn't hardly fish some areas. I tried to run Planner boards in the main channel along some bluffs up stream from Granville in 50 feet of water. The millfoil was so thick it was impossible to fish... Then I noticed it down stream in Old Hickory a little later. Apparently so did the Corps of Eng. and the TWRA ... That is when it was eradicated throughout the Cumberland River chain, or attempted. <'TK><
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