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Originally Posted by tkwalker View Post

Here is an example why some people go armed ... Age! and Disabilities! ... We are not young and virile as we once were... And reading your post it sounds you can pretty much handle most physical situations ..

But some older folks who are surviving Cancer, or had four 1/2 inch bore holes bored in there skull to remove two golf ball size subdural hematoma's, or two stints in their heart, or have an inoperable rotatory cuff, or have two knees that need to be replaced, can't physically protect themselves except by hitting them with their cane ... So this is another variable one must consider.

As far as me NO ONE is going to lay a hand on me or to cause me bodily harm to the point I am in fear of my life,or any one else who cannot defend themselves .... TK

Understand and cannot disagree. While we are on the topic. Anyone have a kimber micro 9 they are looking to sell? I want to get one for my wife

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