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Smile Fuel Hose <'TK><

Originally Posted by Buccaneer View Post
Replace the fuel tank to motor lines once with EPA approved hoses and never worry about that again.

Something you need to take in consideration regardless if it is EPA approved or not. Depending on the frequency of use, remember there is a Check valve in the bulb that prevents the fuel from returning to the tank. So the line is trapped with fuel. An example of this is if anyone who has ever felt of a hard bulb that has set up for a length of time and can't be pumped. This is do to that the bulb has lost it's pliability this is because it has trapped fuel in it and it has deteriorated the bulb and hose and this has nothing to do with ethanol .. One way to prevent this is to disconnect the line from the motor, vent the coupling, and pump the fuel out with the bulb, especially if it is not going to be used for a while. Hope this helps. <'TK><
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