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Smile Man Hours .. <'TK><

Originally Posted by Alphahawk View Post
Great work TK. About how many man hours do you put in to restore a motor like that?

Randy, it is hard to say ... I try to work on a project everyday but sometimes that does not happen. A lot of things are in the mix .. Bead blasting, Body work for dents, dry time for paint, first primer, then wet sand before final coat of paint. Buffing time for the brass and stainless steel. and every thing depends if I am restoring a static motor for display only or a fully functional outboard that will run like new... I guess one of the quickest restoration that I stayed on everyday was the 1913 Evinrude 2 HP rowboat motor. It was also the hardest, do to the brass. It took me 3 months non stop to complete that one... I'll try to dig up a pic of this one ..<'TK><

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