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Smile Yes !! <'TK><

Originally Posted by skillet View Post
I mix my fuel too. 50:1 with just a touch extra. It doesn’t smoke real bad, but I do enjoy the smell of two stroke at 5am!!

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For those of you who do not know how a two stroke motor works (totally different than a four stroke, like in your car). When your fuel/oil goes into the carburetor of your 2 stroke it does not go straight to the cylinders(combustion chambers) and is ignited by the spark plug like a 4 stroke.

In a 2 stroke the fuel/oil leaves the carb and enters the crankcase... This is where all the monkey motions of your crankshaft, rod and crank bearings get their lubrication from the fuel/oil. Then the fuel/oil leaves the crankcase and enters the cylinders to be fired.

Bottom line SMOKE is GOOD! And fattening up the oil a little does not hurt. And let's be honest you only really see it when you first start up but mostly disappears after you get underway ...

And for those of you like me, the smoke brings back memories from an early morn with your Dad when you were a kid. Well I probably smell this smoke more than most working on these old kickers. And every time I twist the flywheel and smell the Smoke I remember my Dad.

Now today we have designer oils with a sundry of aromas with our new synthetics , Lucas, Klotz, etc. It's kind of like being around folks smoking "E" cigarettes .. ... <TK><
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