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Default Selecting a bait caster and rod

So I'm in the market for a baitcaster rod and reel. All I've ever really used is light spinning gear because most of the fishing I do is wading or on the bank. I'd like to get into the baitcasting world and was wondering what a good first choice would be. I'm trying to keep the reel in the $80-$120 range and I haven't even begun to research rods. My biggest conundrum is trying to figure out a gear ratio. I understand that certain lures work better with specific ratios but was wondering if there is a universal speed to start out with? I was thinking maybe something like 6.4:1 would be a good one to start out since it's in the mid range. Would I still be able to effectively use slower moving baits (like swim baits or deep crank baits) and fast moving baits (like topwater and soft plastics/jigs). Am I getting too technical for buying my first baitcaster?

Along the same lines as the baitcaster, what would be a good universal rod to use?

I have looked at the pflueger president, supreme xt, abu garcia revo sx, and some of the 13 fishing reels. Any others I should consider? A little more money wouldn't absolutely break the bank.

What about the Bass Pro branded rods and reels? Are they a good option?
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