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Originally Posted by Alphahawk View Post
Used to be a ramp there before they started the rebuild of the dam. The word was it would be replaced once the dam work was completed. That was nothing official just rumors. I donít think they will put a ramp back there. But time will tell. I am 66 years old......probably got another good 15 years to fish......have been told that it will probably be another 10 years before they will ever bring the lake back up to normal summer pool. It was supposed to happen this spring. Now they have decided to do a study on the spill gates...then after the study....which will take several years.....the spill gates will need to be repaired accordingly with what the study says is wrong....LOL. Then no telling how many years to do the repair. I am not sure in the rest of my fishing life I will ever see that lake at full pool again.


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It's a shame, I was excited when I heard they were bringing it back up next year, with all the growth there is going to be plenty of structure and the fishing will be back to what it was years ago, I've only lived in the area several years but have a friend that used to come down to CH from Cincinnati several times a year from the 70s to until a few years ago, he said the fishing really took a nose dive the last ten years or so
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