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Originally Posted by tkwalker View Post
As long as you are on plane ... But the ultimate is twin screws ... My son has a Sea Ray Pachanga with twin 454's ... As you know one prop turns CW and the other turns CCW ... He can turn 360 deg's. in the length of his boat (27 Feet) with out touching the wheel as well as docking it ...

What I found with trying to steer with the tabs on my boat it wasn't efficient ... yes it will steer .. Watch your RPMs and speed .. all you are doing is causing an unnecessary drag on one side or the other ... When all you have to do is turn the wheel a 1/4 turn and accomplish the same thing .. Your boat is perfectly trimmed with out causing this resistance, it is more efficient and easier.. Now my rig had a high torque motor ... I had to stand on the starboard side of the boat to keep the balance even .. It tried to lift the starboard side as heavy as that boat was ..

But if I used either tab to balance, it would do it but at the same time you saw the plow of water stream from that tab... That is like going down the interstate at 80 MPH with your foot on the brake or flying at cruising speed with your flaps down ... ... I have used them to impress someone but it was at my fuel expense ... ... <'TK><
Agreed TK. You've detailed what I was alluding to regarding "running surfaces." With 24* deadrise and big bow flare, a turn at 18 knots really gets my passengers' attention. Best way to control is add tab on the "inside edge." You get crisp, flat turning at speed. My rig actually likes no tab at all at plane, so I can just "touch" tab on one side to move 5 ton of glass. It takes a LOT of drag to get even worse fuel economy on a 454 than with no drag . . .

Again . . . all a function of geometry. I'm not surprised at all that your modified V-hull bay boat design requires mass to gain trim balance . . . just part of the compromise that IS boating.

There's no substitute for twins and control; but even our 48' Ocean Alexander with twin 3208 Cummins had tabs.
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