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Originally Posted by Flatline View Post
I have to admit I like that little thing, but I have an issue with the muzzle velocity, and I will tell you why.

Statistically most of your defensive shootings are within 5 to 15 feet, according to my CCW instructor. A 9mm is roughly 1210 FPS, they are also known to go thru a person providing it doesn't hit bones. 22 mags is 2200 FPS, almost double the velocity.

God forbid if I find myself in this situation as to where I find myself having to shoot someone... I don't want to find out that a innocent by-stander got it too because the bullet went thru the offender. Also I can't imagine a round that goes thru someone at such a high speed will do much harm as the round is not going to have time to expand.

I know I carry a 9 mm, but it also has 7-8 rounds. I like a .45 for the simple reason that the velocity is only around 800 FPS and is known for its stopping power.

Apparently modern testing of ammo includes shooting thru 4 layers of cloths in front of a gel block. Ideal penetration is between 12-18".

Because of the above is why I'd love to find myself a usedDerringer .45 ACP (new is too expensive for my blood)
Flatline, yes you are dead on (But like I said before you have to know your limitations and you are responsible for every bullet that leaves your muzzle, no matter a BB or a Barrett 50 cal ... It's called Practice, practice, practice ... No matter what you shoot you have to know what the outcome will be ... You are welcome to come over to my place in Lebanon ... I have a shooting Berm ) ...

Velocity and impact are to totally two different things ... It is called knock down power.. That is why when the Colt model 1911 45 cal came out for the military... Now The Horneday red tip 22 Mag. is primarily a rifle varmint ammo which was developed by Winchester ... If you want to slow it down use a Winchester 22 Mag. hollow point ... their velocity is 1550 FPS ... In fact I have a friend who was shot with a 22 long and the bullet actually followed the bone after entry and did major damage ...

These are not designed to be knock down weapons but a close range weapon especially at the head especially if you load it with 22 Mag. Snake shot... I also have a friend who loads these ... which I think is a bad idea for a number of reasons .. If you need to use the weapon at this close range there is only one end result ..not to mam or blind .. (22 Mag. red tip)

Think about this .. 90% of all gator hunters use 22 Mags...

Now when shooting a North American 22 Mag. with Horneday shells it is louder than a 9 mm and you do have a slight wrist yank.... TK

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