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Originally Posted by tkwalker View Post
Sorry to say... I am going on 74 years old and can't get in a boat anymore with out help ... I have always had beer on board in the past except when guiding ... As well as a 357 mag, 24/7 no matter where I am ... guiding, pleasure, or even Walmart and even church and a movie theater!

In the past I have defending fellow Bass Tourney mates who had been accosted by road rage on the water from either a drunk or meth head with my fire arm ... And that was in the 70's...

With the meth heads and other drugs out there now, no matter where you go ..One needs to protect themselves ... Use common Sense !! In my opinion any one who ventures out on our water ways with out a fire arm is a fool in this day in time !! Beer or no beer ... as Client Eastwood said ... Every one should know their limitations in this case, either drinking or firearms ... ... TK ..

PS. As far as politics go I wouldn't get in a boat with a far Left Liberal Democrat ... Right off the bat you know he is not going to be carrying, and wants someone else to protect him .. Thank God for people who have stepped up to protect this country and the meek or just folks who do not know what they would do in a crises, indecision's will get you killed .... SSGT. TK Walker Vietnam Vet.

T.K. You can do what you want and I don’t care. I’m a very able bodied young man that has farmed, worked construction and worked hard labor my whole life. I played 4 years of NCAA division 1.
I also live by the phase “perfect preparation prevents piss poor performance” I have a plan and a back plan and a back up back up plan already formed before it arises.

I’m no liberal but I’m also not a republican. I’ve been called a libertarian and and anarchist just this week.

I’ll put it this way “I don’t care if my gay neighbor defends his weed and coca plants with his suppressed AR-15 that has a drum mag and a bump stock on it. Afterwards we’ll drink out of his still on some tax free likker”

If you can’t get along with me you just want more govt and regulations. Both things that get in the way of our fun.

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