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I had a couple hours free this afternoon and I decided to go to Old Hickory for a change. I have sworn the lake off but I've heard from a few buddies that the bite has been pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised. The flipping bite is pretty good. I had 4 keepers in about 3 hours and a few short fish as well. It felt good to put a flipping stick in my hand. I haven't done that in a while and I miss it. There's not much of a flipping bite on the lakes I usually fish so it was a good change of scenery. I put in at Cairo and went up river and started in Barton's Creek and just worked my way further up from there. I was targeting wood and rock in the shade on deeper banks with a creature bait. I caught a couple on a buzzbait and had a couple short strikes on a buzzbait and a frog. I was using the buzzbait along bluff walls when there wasn't anything obvious to flip at. If I had caught everything that bit then I would have had a really good day. Either way it was fun to flip a few up
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