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Anyone know of someone that does a good job wiring and installs on the side? If not as a side job then what local shop can do things right without overcharging? Need to get a NMEA hooked up correctly through an accessory switch and would like to get master power switches put on my batteries.

I just finished my boat. I installed a Lowrance hds 7 gen2 touch on the bow and hds 9 gen2 touch on the console and a point 1 antenna on the transom. I put a 12 volt outlet under the console in case I needed to charge my phone. I had to add a new 6 circuit fuse panel and a master switch. I installed an ethernet cable and nmea 2000 system. It took me a while but I went slow and deliberate. If you live around Columbia I would be willing to give you a hand. If you decide to do this yourself I would give you all the information that I have and the places I ordered the parts.
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