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Originally Posted by Texas_Rig View Post
I told you I don't know anything about motors! I do know that my motor does not pee well at idle until it gets warm. It will just spit water at idle when first cranked up. I have been told by several people that this is normal for my motor. I know Adrian has the exact same motor and his acts the same. Yes I did just have the lower unti rebuilt and I was told a brand new impeller was installed.

After reading your post my guess is that the clogged hose didn't cause my alarm the other day. Maybe I should have ran the boat a little longer today to see if I could get an alarm. I ran it for 15-20 minutes with no issues and loaded it up because I didn't have time to stay and fish
This may be the characteristic for yours and Adrian's motor ... My guide boat had a 225 HP (3 liter Big Block) Blue water Merc... And it pee'd water like a race horse at idle .... Just keep an eye on it ... <'TK><

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