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This is an update on my motor. I have a Mercury 175 EFI. These motors will not pee very well until the thermostats open. I noticed on Saturday that my motor was not peeing as well as it should. I brushed it off as my motor wasn't warm. It would pee ok at 5000 rpms. But I did check the hose for blockage that day and it was clear. Yesterday I checked it again and it was clear. My tube connects tge motor to a plastic piece on the calling(spelling?). I took the plastic piece off and it was 90% clogged with what appeared to be moss. I cleaned it out and the poppit valve. I took the boat to the lake today and ran it for 20 minutes and it ran great and peed great. It also had a little more water pressure.

Here's what my non mechanical mind thinks happened. I think the hot water was building up in the motor because it couldn't escape and I was getting a temperature warning with the beeps. Does this make sense to any of you guys that have any understanding about boat motors? The boat appears to be fine now.
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