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JasonH 02-09-2016 08:37 AM

1954 Wizard WJ7 Super 10
Dan found this motor for me locally. Was locked up from rust in one cylinder after sitting for a long time. I originally intended to steal ignition parts from it and part it out. I stumbled across 3 NOS piston rings which are not easy to find for 18cu Wizards. One weekend I was just in the mood, so I thought what the heck, this motor has obvious low hours and I want to see it run again. Piston would not budge after a long time soaking with oil. Got out my grease zerk fitting (old spark plug base with grease zerk welded in) and pushed the piston out with hydraulic pressure. Chipped out old rings, cleaned piston, and honed cylinder. Everything seemed to look good, shocked to find no pitting in cylinder. Ring gap in cylinder that was not seized was correct and new rings were at about same specs in the honed cylinder. Put it back together with new gaskets and crank seals, converted pressure system to fuel pump, OMC coil conversion on ignition and she fired up and ran well. After about 5-6 hours I am happy to report strong and even compression in both cylinders. I think its good to go. Time to seal up lower unit. Think I will leave it with its current patina.

Here is a video of it:

tkwalker 02-09-2016 12:09 PM

Nice ... <'TK><
Sweet ... That's a keeper ... <'TK><:)

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