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Flatline 02-17-2021 08:30 PM

OH Idiot
Watched a video today on FB , some idiot was trying to launch on a snow and ice covered ramp. He had a 4x4 but it almost wasn't enough from keeping from becoming water obstacle. He started sliding backwards when he finally woke up and hammered on it and pulled off the ramp.

I can't help but to ask... What goes through a persons mind to think he's gonna be able to launch what looked like a 20' fiberglass boat down a ice and snow cover ramp ? I mean never mind the roads barely passable just to go get anywhere, never mind towing a boat. ?

SAMBOLIE 02-18-2021 11:58 AM

Probably a Yankee. They always want to show us rednecks how they can drive in snow.

Alan 54 02-19-2021 03:23 PM

Back in the day when I sauger fished, I carried a 5 gallon bucket with me to the ramp.
The duck hunters would have the ramp all iced up from pulling their trailers out in sub freezing conditions. I would get there about daylight. The ramp would be ice from top to bottom. I would get the bucket out and spread play sand or safe-t-salt or water softener crystals on the ramp. I would only put it where my tires would be. worked every time I needed it. On a couple occasions I would back down the ramp then slid until my back tires were in the water. Then I would salt the ramp to pull out. Maybe that's why I quit winter fishing below freezing weather.

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